The most authentic Iron Maiden experience in the Middle East !”


Maiden Arabia pay tribute to the world’s greatest Heavy Metal band, the uncompromisingly brilliant Iron Maiden. They cut no corners and offer no half measures, both visually and musically, and have grabbed the attention of Maiden fans around the region. You can be sure to witness a spectacular, high-energy show complete with stage props, effects and on stage “Eddie” monsters that simulate a perfect Iron Maiden show. Combine that with musicianship that has the true Iron Maiden essence coupled the “win-win” combination of 6 wild Iron Maiden freaks playing the original “Iron Maiden” hits and you have an unbeatable formula that guarantees a night to remember. Expect to hear any song written by Iron Maiden to be played by Maiden Arabia. They do not shrink from anything, having played numbers such as Hallowed be thy name, Alexander the Great, No more lies and Powerslave. You will be hit with the driving style of McBrain/Harris as Randy and Rajesh lead through rhythmic gallops, whilst the dynamic lead trio of Steven, Selwyn and Connel create Maiden’s melodic signature sound. On vocals is Elvis, and unlike his name suggests, has it in the voice where it matters, with the range and power needed to tackle the classic Iron Maiden songs that recite the epic tales of fantasy, war and historical events that we have all come to know and love. The band have played to packed houses and enthusiastic audiences throughout Dubai and continue to forge bonds and make new fans with every gig. Having performed on stage with original Iron Maiden vocalist Blaze Bailey in Dubai, they are a very popular choice amongst Iron Maiden fans both young and old. They will leave you with the chorus of Wasted Years ringing in your ears on your way home every time.

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